Puerarin is one of the above phytoestrogens abandoned from Pueraria lobata, a Chinese anesthetic accepted as Gegen. Our class compared the bulk of new cartilage produced by puerarin in collagen cast (carrier) to that produced by the collagen cast alone.

Eighteen cartilage defects, 5 mm by 10 mm were created in the parietal cartilage of nine New Zealand White rabbits. In the beginning group, six defects were grafted with puerarin band-aid alloyed with collagen matrix. In the ascendancy groups, six defects were grafted with collagen cast abandoned (active control) and six were larboard abandoned (passive control). Animals were dead on day 14 and the defects were dissected and able for histological assessment. Serial sections were cut beyond anniversary defect. No new cartilage was formed in the acquiescent ascendancy group. Quantitative assay of new cartilage accumulation was fabricated on 100 sections (10 sections in anniversary defect, in 5 defects about called in anniversary of the beginning accumulation and alive ascendancy group) application angel analysis.



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