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Pawpaw Planting Requirements

Pawpaw is somewhat exact in its requirements for acknowledged growth. In youth, it requires adumbral sites to become established, as acute sunlight will abuse the leaves of adolescent trees. After several years, saplings can abound in fractional sun to abounding sun, area the heaviest bake-apple crops will be accomplished and alone if a genetically altered ache of Pawpaw is buried nearby, for cross-pollination of the absolute flowers. Copse developed from abstracted berry sources or crude from altered sites will eventually crop fruits, but those aural a individual antecedents will not, as they are all clones that cannot blend and crop fruits.
Pawpaw acerb prefers soils of capricious pH that are analogously clammy but well-drained, deep, and affluent (high in amoebic matter). It will abide drier soils with some amount of difficulty. Its basis arrangement is actual coarse, so bare-root transplants should alone be dug while abeyant in backward winter or aboriginal bounce and crude anon to a adumbral site. Copse dug as balled and burlapped specimens book better, but should still be dug while dormant. Copse developed in containers from seeds are abundant added successful. Pawpaw grows in abounding sun as an developed timberline (especially with added irrigation, as is begin in Pawpaw orchards) to abounding adumbration (as an understory timberline beneath high-branched ample trees) and is begin in zones 5 to 8.