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Loperamide medical uses

Loperamide is able for the analysis of a amount of types of diarrhea. This includes ascendancy of astute all-embracing diarrhea, balmy traveler's diarrhea, annoyed bowel syndrome, abiding diarrhea due to bowel resection, and abiding diarrhea accessory to anarchic bowel disease. It is aswell advantageous for abbreviation ileostomy output. Off-label uses for loperamide aswell cover chemotherapy induced diarrhea, abnormally accompanying to irinotecan use.
Loperamide should not be acclimated as the primary analysis in cases of blood-soaked diarrhea, astute deepening of ulcerative colitis, or bacterial enterocolitis.
Loperamide is generally compared to diphenoxylate. Recent studies advance that loperamide is added able and has lower neural ancillary effects.