Product name: Kollidon 25 Description: Kollidon 25 is a medium molecular weight (W28 ,000-34, 000)product. Kollidon 25 is mainly used in tablets, capsules and granules of the adhesive; oral suspension stabilizer, film-forming agent, color section dis

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cellactose 80 is an inovative fillers, adhesives , especially the design and jointly deal with the direct compression . cellactose 80 1 spraydried body 75% of - lactose monohydrate and 25% cellulose powder compounds . The advantage copressing two com

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Product Application : Eudragit is mainly used as tablets, pills, granules,film-forming agent for enteric-type coating material and enteric capsule shell, microcapsules film agent,it is also used for the coating materials and reinforcing materials of

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