Product name: Lutrol F68 CAS:9003-11-6 Molecular Formula:C5H10O2 Description of Lutrol F68: Chemical name oloxamer Regulatory Status Lutrol F68 meets the requirements of the current monograph for Poloxamers in Ph. Eur., Poloxamer in USP/NF and Polyox

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Product name: Cremophor ELP Description of Cremophor ELP: Cremophor ELP, a purifed grade of Cremophor EL was specially developed or sensi-tive active ingredients, as the higher purity was ound to improve theirstability. Chemical nature: Like Cremoph

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Product name: Kollidon CL-M Description of Kollidon CL-M: Kollidon CL-M Micronized crospovidone for use as a stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions and to improve the drug release characteristics of tablets, capsules and granules. Applications:M

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Product name: Loperamide CAS:53179-11-6 Molecular Formula:C29H33ClN2O2 Molecular weight:477.037 g/mol Description of Loperamide: How should this medicine be used? Loperamide comes as a tablet, capsule, and liquid to take by mouth. It usually is taken

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Product name: Prazosin Hydrochloride CAS:19237-84-4 Molecular Formula:C19H22ClN5O4 Molecular weight:419.86 g/mol Description of Prazosin Hydrochloride: Adverse effects The initial dose of the medication can cause a large drop in blood pressure and sy

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Product name: Cremophor EL Chemical Name: Ethoxylated castor oil. Synonyms: Castor oil ethoxylated; Polyoxyethylene castor oil; RO 40; BY 140; PEG Castor oil Description of Cremophor EL: Application: Used as emulsifier, penetrating agent, antifoaming

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