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Spcification of Soluphor P

Description of Soluphor P :
Chemical name:2-pyrrolidone
Regulatory Status:Soluphor P meets the requirements of the current monograph Pyrrolidone in Ph. Eur.
Applications:The main application is as solvent together with water and/or in combination with low-molecular polyvinylpyrrolidone in veterinary injectable preparations.
Soluphor P is a colourless or slightly colouredSoluphor P is a colourless or slightly
coloured liquid which solidifies at room temperature and has a characteristic odour. It is soluble
in water and a number of organic solvents, e.g. ethanol,isopropyl alcohol and aromatic
hydrocarbons.Solutions of Soluphor P in water of up to 50% have a viscosity of no more than 4 mPa s.