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What’s We Know About Cellactose 80

Description of Cellactose 80
Cellactose 80 is an inovative filler-binder particularly designed and co-processed for direct compression. Cellactose 80 is a spraydried one-body-compound consisting of 75% alpha-lactose monohydrate and 25% cellulose powder. The advantage of copressing is the synergistic effect of both components, i.e. enhanced compressibility of pure lactose and highly increased flowability of cellulose powder. Spraydrying leads to almost spherical particles of Cellactose 80. It is the content of cellulose that is responsible for its excellent binding capacity. Due to the excellent compressibility of Cellactose 80 tablets with good properties can be obtained at low compression forces. The most obvious advantages of Cellactose 80 are compressibility, flowability, stability, adherence capacity, and pleasant taste. Cellactose 80 is mainly used for high-dosage tablet and for herbal formulations. Cellactose 80 shows superior adherence capacity for small sized actives and therefore provides a very good content uniformity.
Typical values:
Bulk density [g/l]:380
Density tapped [g/l]:500